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Genealogy & Search Terms in Italian and English

One Step Webpages by Stephen P. Morse

Research your Italian name
metal bead  Italian Given (First) Names  and their English Equivalents.
metal bead  Italian Surnames (Last Names) and their Origin and Etymology - Italy World Club
metal bead  Italian Surname Locator - On a Map of Italy
metal bead  White Pages in Italy

Examples of Italian Civil Records

Resources for Italian American Adoptees

Write to request Italian family records
metal bead  David E. Zerga's Italian & English Form Letters
metal bead  Italian Records Request - Form Letter Generator - Il Circolo Calabrese
metal bead  Address an Envelope to Italy

Catholic Church records
metal bead  Lista dei Siti Cattolici in Italia
metal bead  Local Catholic Church & Family History Genealogical Research Guide
metal bead  Researching Catholic Church Records in Italy
metal bead  Italian - American Adoption Resources

Population figures, maps, town locators
metal bead  8000+ Italian communes ordered alphabetically
metal bead  La popolazione dei comuni italiani
enter the town name
metal bead  WWW-Virtual Library Italian History Index maintained by the European University Institute - Gateway to Italian History and Geography

metal bead  Find a Grave
metal bead  LDS Family History Center
metal bead  Searchable Public Records Directory
metal bead  Social Security Administration - mail forwarding service, see website for details
metal bead  Tampa Midwife Records of Maria Messina Greco  - Births 1908 to 1939
metal bead  Taphophilia & Genealogy
metal bead  U.S. Surname Distribution
metal bead  U.S. Vital Records Information
metal bead  Vitalchek Order US records

New York area records - Italian Genealogical Group
metal bead  Nassau County, NY - Naturalization Records
 (includes Camp Mills and Aviation Field #2)
metal bead  Suffolk County, NY - Naturalization Records (includes Camp Upton)
metal bead  Military Camps, NY - Naturalization Records (includes WW I, WW II, Korean War)
metal bead  Bronx County - Naturalization Records (1914 to 1952)
metal bead  Southern District Court of NY - Naturalization Records (1906 to 1949)

core  Immigration - Between 1892 and 1924 more than 22 million people immigrated to the US through Ellis Island's doors. Still more came through Boston, New Orleans, and other harbors.
metal bead  The Andrea Doria - Greatest Sea Rescue in history.
metal bead  The Italian Immigrant Experience in America 1870-1920
metal bead  Apulian Immigration
metal bead  Cimorelli Immigration Manifests Online
metal bead  Ellis Island Database
metal bead  Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild  SS Britannia
metal bead  Italian Immigrant Ships
metal bead  Passengers arriving at Ellis Island from Scanno
metal bead  Ruth Ann's Passenger Lists & Ships Page
metal bead  Searching the Ellis Island database in one step
metal bead  The Immigration Experience
metal bead  The Ships List - Immigrant ships and passenger lists

Italian Genealogy Websites
metal bead  COI - Comunes of Italy Magazine
metal bead  COI - Comunes of Italy Mailing List
metal bead  Capucina's Italian American Connections
metal bead  D'
metal bead  Giulio On Line
metal bead  Italian
metal bead  Italian Genealogy Group
metal bead  Italian Genealogy Online - Paula Nigro
metal bead  Italian Genealogy Pages - Marie Mattera
metal bead  Italiani in America
metal bead
metal bead  Italy Genforum - Message Board
metal bead  Joe's Italian Genealogy Page
metal bead  PIE
metal bead  PIE - POINTers In Email Mailing List
metal bead  POINT - Pursuing Our Italian Names Together
metal bead  POINTers in Person Chapter #22
metal bead  Ruth Ann's Italian Genealogy Pages

Genealogy Research
metal bead  Purchase Italian Genealogy Books
metal bead  Italian Genealogical Institute
 Trafford Cole author of "Italian Genealogical Records".
metal bead  Joe De Simone Researcher in Italy - civil, notary, military and church records.
metal bead  My Italian Family - Bianca Ottone's Italian Genealogy Research
metal bead  Pallante Center for Italian Research

General Genealogy Links
metal bead
metal bead  Cyndi's List
metal bead  Family History Surname Boards
metal bead  Genealogy Hall of Shame
metal bead  Genforum Message Boards
metal bead  International Black Sheep Society
metal bead  LDS Family Search
metal bead  Rootsweb
metal bead  Royalty's "biblical" connections.

Regional Genealogy Sites
metal bead  Abruzzo2000
metal bead  Calascio (AQ)

metal bead  Basilicatanet
metal bead  San Fele (PZ)

metal bead  Calabria On Line

metal bead  Il Circolo Calabrese
metal bead  Our Calabrian Heritage
metal bead  Sersale, Calabria

metal bead  Campobasso Genealogy - Ditoto / DiTota Family
metal bead  Campobasso Genealogy - Mattia Family

metal bead  Sardegna Genealogy & Culture

metal bead  ITA-Sicily

Travel Italy
metal bead  Online Maps of Italian Towns
In "Cerca Indirizzo" type the Citta / City
metal bead  Italian Train Schedules

Travel Info & Consular Information Sheets
metal bead  US Gov. Travel Warnings
metal bead  Travel Registration Service
metal bead  Local Italian Weather
metal bead  A fun read

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