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When I'm not investigating genealogy I've been known to lift a pencil

Moe's Josh       Pietro's Mostro - Bagheria  Sei molto diligente In Progress

Form stone and tile      

Smear around some paint           PrairieIsland

My daughter paints

My mother painted

We construct    and construct and construct...

I have beadwork on display at 2 museums 

I garden  

And when the mood is right I even sing - From lobster with "Frankie Paradise" & TuTu & the Pirates back in the early '80s to the All Nations Singers in the '90s.
I can only guess what the '00s will bring.

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I'm a confirmed babysitter - A squeeky clean NicoJohn BDesmond,  (and others, you know who you are) lived with our family (or within cooking distance) thanks to a nice man who loved music   RIP Mac

I volunteer - One of my first teen teaching experiences involved three year olds with autism at the Lisle Montessori School. Click here to read Nick Fusco's poignant story of a very special child
On occasion something is so noteworthy that I record it. Read about the baby named after my youngest son...
Most importantly I make no excuses for who I am: I love to be a mother - For the past several years I taught at a high school for at-risk students. I heard many sad stories from my "kids" at the school - young girls fending for themselves in alleys at the age of 10, a child forced (duct taped to the couch) to watch his mother crippled by her "boyfriend", etc. Little wonder that these kids have no "frame of reference" for normal social behavior. Who will teach them? HOW will you teach them? Kudos to those who look out for the children...


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