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Laura's photos



  Milwaukee's Festa Italiana 2003

 Milwaukee Festa Italiana 2003 Festa 03  

  Shunk w.o.w.

 Old news

 New  2 Agosto, 2003    Orb  camera

 Borrowed    the table napkin used in the composition

  Blues Bros  And the Blues Bros Bar password was - Steve B  poster was a gift from John

   Italian Community Center

   Milwaukee Italian Community Center  

    Wood National Cemetery

    Wood National Cemetery







   Milwaukee Villa

   villa on the lake       gate detail

  Ls Construction project - on hold


  Justin's concert pix

   Justin's #1-a  Justin's #1-b

  Photos of some of my favorite websites, the local Marian shrine, Wood Nat'l Cemetery, things that we do, and of course food.

   photos copyright 2003 Laura Lancione - all rights reserved